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All You Want To Know About Marketplace

A new generation advertisement platform portal. Muslim consumers always seek for halal products that cater to their religious needs and comply with Islamic requirement. The halal industry has now expanded beyond the food sector to include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products, toiletries, fashion and medical devices as well as service sector components such as logistics, marketing, labelling, packaging and branding. The halal market is non-exclusive to Muslims; in fact, it has gained increasing acceptance among non-Muslim consumers who are looking for high quality, safe and ethical products. This is because the values promoted by halal – social responsibility, stewardship of the earth and ethical investment are consistent with global concerns such as sustainability, environmental protection, animal welfare etc. As such, the appendage of “Halal” to a product is not just a guarantee that the product is permitted for Muslim, it has also become a global symbol for quality assurance and lifestyle choice. Due to the lack of recognised global-halal compliance standards and certification process, there are limited permissible offerings which result in a surge in demand, as Muslims grow hungry for trendy products and services adapted to their lifestyle. This is where Getthiss Marketplace comes in. In order to help Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world to make access to halal products easier, Getthiss is introducing Getthiss Marketplace, a convenient online platform that offers halal products. Getthiss Marketplace is divided into GET MALL & GET SHOPPE.